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The morning of your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of your special day. The champagne! The music! The giggles! The getting ready! It's the perfect morning with all the special women in your life. I want nothing more than to make your morning even more remarkable with the ease of flawless makeup and an artist you can trust. 

Growing up my father always wanted me to learn how to draw. He would go on and on about how useful a tool it would be, even after seeing my less than gallery worthy works of art that none the less were hung on the fridge. As dancers, my sister and I had been applying stage makeup to our faces for every recital since we were four years old. It started with just a little blush when we were young, and eventually became full faces of smokey eyes, fake eye lashes, and bright red lips. When we weren't performing, my mother didn't allow my sister and I to wear makeup until we were in high school, but that didn't stop me from perfecting my skills. I had no idea makeup would become such a strong passion. I quickly realized my talent for drawing wasn't on paper with brushes and paints, but was on the blank canvas of the human face.

I decided to go to college to obtain my Business Management degree with all intention of opening my own salon. However, when it came time to graduate my interests had steered away from opening a salon and more towards solely focusing on makeup. I was hired at a Construction Management firm and enrolled immediately in Esthetician school at night- which was an incredibly ironic juxtaposition of wearing a hardhat during the day and then giving facials at night. After some grueling six months of sleeping only 5 hours each night, I earned my Professional Esthetician License and created BriaFlora Makeup! 

Today, instead of working with seasoned construction workers, I teach English at a vocational high school where students are learning academics and training to be licensed workers in their technical field of choice! Every day I am amazed and humbled by the fearlessness, strength, and grit my students show and I encourage them to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles.

It was finally my turn to be the bride in 2018 and ladies- let me tell you, everything about your wedding day feeling like a dream is true! I know what it's like to feel pampered, dolled up, and the most gorgeous woman on the planet because of my team of stylists on that special day. Let me be part of your team in creating the most magical experience.  I operate my makeup company with style, passion, and drive. It would be both my honor and privilege to be your makeup artist and celebrate with you. 

With love,
Bria Flora 

P.S. Below are some pictures of me from a variety of my life experiences. I want you to truly feel like you know who you are hiring and will spend the morning of your wedding with! I appreciate all the love and adventure life has to offer. 


Massachusetts based. Happily traveling to brides throughout New England.

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